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Stories of Love & Healing: Arnold

I am amazed by the number of Soul Shakers that have reached out to share their stories and feedback since my post, 'Perfection: Illusion or Real'. (Read Here) The post was intended to be the start of what I am hoping will be a powerful series of healing for you, the reader. The series is focused on the journey of self-love, by releasing the need to fit other people's standards of what is, or is not, 'perfect'.

As you know, our world puts so much focus and pressure on the way we look, that most have surrendered their own vibration of beauty. In that abandonment, people start living their lives based on trying to meet other peoples standards of what it means to be perfect... beautiful... healthy... and loved. This makes my heart sad, because I know all too well that when you try to live in this energy, there will never be an end. There will never be satisfaction. There will only be shame, lack of worth, and frustration towards yourself for not being able to be someone else's perfect.

Self-love is NOT an action, and anyone that tries to sell you on it being so, does not have it. You see, self-love is a vibration that floods your energy field, when you decide to accept yourself exactly as you are. And believe me when I say... it feels AMAZING!

Acceptance is the moment you remember your worth... and the moment you remember your worth, you are free.

But as I said in my last post.... Who decides what beauty is? Who determines what your body does or does not need to look like, in order to be deemed healthy, strong, or accepted? Hopefully you stick around here long enough, to learn that YOU are the only one that can answer that question. Hopefully you stick around long enough to learn to put down the shame and the endless pursuit of something that DOES NOT EXIST.

The more we all share our own stories of healing and love, the farther the healing ripple goes out... and the more people are impacted and healed. you know, it takes courage to share our stories. It takes vulnerability and the willingness to be seen, in order to serve others evolution. Sharing our stories is not something I take lightly, which is why when Arnold reached out to share his; it moved me deep in my heart.

Arnold is a member of our Soul Family Membership, and his energy and voice has been so very welcomed. You see, from the moment I met Arnold, I could feel his incredibly grounded energy of love and acceptance of all...

As Arnold has shared in our group Coffee & Conversations, life is about living... and laughing... and loving yourself unconditionally. It's about being present with all the up's and all the down's, and showing up anyway. And for that, I am so very grateful... as are ALL the Soul Family Members that are able to connect with his energy, spirit, and smile.

So, when Arnold responded to my post about self-love, saying that he is a lifelong survivor of body dysmorphia, that lead him to devastating battles of addiction; my heart opened and my ears perked up. Not only did he share his struggle, but he ended his response by saying, "I am grateful for the struggle as it lead me to a life of recovery, which I wouldn't trade for the world"

Wow, right?!!? So, me being me... I immediately asked if he had ever shared his full story before, as I was intrigued. Soul Shakers! Not only did he say yes that he had, but he sent me this link of a talk he did last year. Please take 10 minutes and check it out. After you listen, share your thoughts below... and if you are REALLY BRAVE; share your story with us too! OH... and if you want to connect in a community that is full of dynamic Souls' like Arnold; JOIN OUR SOUL FAMILY HERE!

In Gratitude,


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댓글 6개

2020년 5월 17일

Arnold, thank you for sharing you. You are a beautiful soul ❤️


Arnold... Wow! Thank you for being so brave to share your story of trauma and being an incredible overcomer!! I could relate to SO much of what you shared and your openness and vulnerability really impacted me and helped me be willing to look a little deeper inside myself.


Such a moving, impactful story Arnold. You are an inspirational force.....a beautiful soul! Thank you for sharing with us!


Thank you for sharing your story with us Arnold ❤


Jaimie Marie
Jaimie Marie
2020년 5월 14일

It moved me to tears! So incredible and so happy it resonated for you... I hope the resonance continues to ripple through you 💚

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