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The Truth about F.O.M.O

Fear of missing out, otherwise known as FOMO, is a very real vice of many. It’s what draws you in to the scrolling, the news, the drama, the ‘water cooler’ conversation. It’s the energy that drives most of your fears and anxieties. It’s the energy that keeps you addicted to the chaos.

Until you take a moment to better understand the truth behind FOMO, the energy will continuously pull you into the places and spaces your Soul is guiding you out of. Think of our recent world... social media, politics, to mask or not to mask, and the list goes on... People are PULLED into these conversations and platforms, not by a 'need to know' or a 'need to understand'... but by fear that if they don't, they will miss something.

Okay... we all probably understand that part, so the real questions become; Where does FOMO come from in the first place? And why does it have such a strong pull on some, while others seem to not struggle with it at all?

When you take a moment to strip back FOMO's layers, you see it for what it really is...

FOMO is your inner desire to BELONG.

Belonging is the secret ingredient that determines the level of comfort you are capable of experiencing at any given time. People that have a strong sense of belonging rarely experience FOMO. Instead, they live most days feeling grounded, connected, calm, centered, and content. They are just as comfortable being alone, as they are being with others. People that feel they struggle to belong, will experience high levels of FOMO, as well as, anxiety, restlessness, fear, even depression. They will need others in order to feel a sense of belonging.

Even though FOMO stands for 'FEAR OF MISSING OUT', the real truth of the energy is, 'FEAR OF NOT BELONGING'. People with high levels of FOMO, are just trying to avoid feelings of rejection and abandonment. They are trying to avoid feeling like an outsider. They are trying to avoid looking incompetent, naive, or 'out of touch'. They are trying to fit in. They are trying to belong.

We all want to belong. This is normal and a big part of our humanity. Wanting to belong is never the issue. It's the loosing sight of whom we belong to in the first place.

It's no secret, that life in today's world is much different than it was in the early to mid 1900's. And not just technologically, but socially, spiritually, energetically. During this time, there have been miraculous advancements, but there have also been detrimental breaks.

Divorce rates have skyrocketed... consumerism abounds.... massive workloads dominate schedules... communities are chaotic... people shuffle from one place to the next... God and religious structures have left most homes, some replacing with spirituality and others leaving empty. Suicide rates are at the highest levels we have ever experienced, especially amongst teenage girls and our country's veterans.

My focus for saying this is not to find blame, determine who's right, or to try and tell you why this has all happened. Rather, I bring this truth into the light because whether we like it or not...whether we agree or not... it HAS happened.... and with it, millions (if not billions) of people around the world lost their sense of belonging.

If you do not feel you belong to your family....

If you do not feel you belong to your partner or spouse...

If you do not feel you belong to the Maker...

If you do not feel you belong to yourself...

If you do not feel you belong to your religion...

If you do not feel you belong to your gender...

If you do not feel you belong to your social circle...

If you do not feel you belong to the world...

... you will have the illusion of having a massive hole within yourself.

I say illusion, because this feeling of not belonging is based on the belief that we are separate from each other and the Universe/Maker, which is simply not true. Being someone that can see, feel, and interrupt subtle energy fields of the world, please know the absolute truth is, you can never be separate from the whole... AND.... If you can never be separate, then you always belong.

I digress... The point I was trying to make as it relates to FOMO, Soul Shakers, is when you have the experience of having a hole within, you feel broken. When you feel broken, you try and feel whole as quickly as possible. (No one likes to feel broken!) To feel whole, is to belong... and it's in that spot, FOMO takes hold.

But... no matter your circumstances, if you desire to consciously step out of FOMO and re-enter your natural state of ease, it all comes down to doing the same thing; Remembering your innate belonging of which you can never be separate from.

Yes, I realize the magnitude in what I just said, and how remembering that will prove extraordinarily challenging for many... BUT... that does not mean it cannot be done.

To help you move forward into this new vibration of belonging, I invite you to take a moment and repeat these words aloud. Repeat as necessary.

“I belong in this moment with all that is unfolding before me.

I belong to the greatness within me, the greatness around me, and the greatness above me.

I belong to myself, my soul, my heart.

I belong to the Maker of all things.

I belong. I belong. I belong.”

Because you do, Soul Shaker... and now that you know, I pray you never forget it.

~ Jaimie

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1 Comment

Jan 24, 2021

Thank you Jaimie!

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