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Who am I? 

One of life's most rhetorical questions. 




Jaimie Marie is an intuitive mystic with the precocious ability to see, feel and interpret subtle energy fields of our human and spirit worlds. Spending the entirety of her life playing in the flow of magic, alchemizing and integrating its healing vibrations, Jaimie has come to know and understand the world much differently than most. This unique vision and perception, paired with her unshakable relationship with the Maker of all that is, is shared through her writings, teachings, online courses, business partnerships and live events. Jaimie is a highly sought-after teacher in tangible spiritual development, intuitive healing, and advanced energy medicine.

In 2012, with a lifetime of experience, Jaimie shared her teachings publicly through writing and private coaching. Soon after, a global community of “Soul Shakers” as Jaimie lovingly calls them, was born. People started tuning in daily for inspiration, realness, laughter and support. By 2014, Jaimie graduated top of her class in Advanced Energy Medicine and opened a full-service holistic health and wellness center, where she went on to serve the lives of thousands of clients. All ages, genders, religions and backgrounds gathered to experience healing on the deepest of levels, affirming that when someone feels truly seen, heard, validated and loved exactly as they are, magic happens.

​Jaimie’s authentic joy and captivating humor shine through everything she does. Some even say she’s electric (boogie, woogie, woogie). Her ability to drop the f-bomb at the perfect time, is as magnetic as her ability to openly cry for the ache of humanity. Jaimie's ability to put people at ease oozes through the wisdom she shares, allowing her words to inspire a global movement of Soul Shakers to rise up, alchemize and build something new.

Outside of business,

Jaimie is married to her lobster; her soulmate... is a homeschooling mom of two incredible boys and a dog-mom to Ziggy. Her large extended family, and tight circle of soul-friends, keep her afloat and laughing daily. 

Favorite Activities:  Hiking, Boating, Laughing, Cooking, Photography, Live Music, Traveling

Favorite Shows:      Peaky Blinders, Schitt's Creek, Family Feud, Judge Judy, Wheel of Fortune

Favorite Color:        Green

Favorite Books:      The Chronicles of Narnia, The Glass Castle, The Good Sister, anything by                                       Mary Higgins Clark

Favorite Drinks:      Sugar-Free Vanilla Latte with Oat Milk, Sparkling H2O

Favorite Song:        "You're My World" (My lobster wrote it and had a musician record it for me!)

Favorite Animal:     Siberian Tiger 

Astrological Sign:   Scorpio

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