Transformational speaker and healer, Jaimie Marie, is a Certified Advanced Energy Medicine expert with a mission to end cycles of abuse and addiction in our community and the greater world around.  Through a proven process of healing, education, and empowerment, Jaimie grounds clients in their bodies and guides them into the fullness of healing; Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual.   

Early Life:

Jaimie Marie is a mystic born with the precocious ability to see, feel, and interpret subtle energy fields that make up people, animals, places, and things.  This ability allows her to see and interact with the world much differently than most.  Growing up, Jaimie could be found in her room reading books by Dr. Wayne Dyer and Joseph Campbell… self-studying astrology, dream interpretation, numerology, and spirituality… or writing endless stories of magic and grandeur.

Everything was (and still is!) driven out of a deep desire to bring forth healing to the world.


In 2012, with a lifetime of experience in intuition and energetics, Jaimie began to share her teachings through her writing and private coaching, where a global community was born.  Soul Shakers, as she lovingly calls them, started tuning in every day to experience healing, realness, and support. 

In 2013, Jaimie’s focus shifted to mastering energy medicine, so she enrolled in the 'School of Energy Medicine’.  In June 2014, after (6) months, and hundreds of hours of intense and extensive study, Jaimie graduated top of her class as a Certified Advanced Energy Medicine practitioner.  Immediately following, she opened a holistic health and wellness center where she would spend the next (5) years working with thousands of individuals; both men and women (age 4 to 94!) to heal physical illness, mental distress, emotional turmoil, and/or spiritual disconnection. 

In late 2019, Jaimie transitioned to an on-line format in order to better serve her clients throughout the nation, while still having room to serve her other loves; family, writing, and speaking! 

Jaimie is also the co-founder of, Connected in Wellness LLC, which facilitates wellness programming for local organizations... and is spearheading the first ever, MKE Wellness Week that will be coming in January 2021.  

Outside of Business, Jaimie is married to her Soulmate, is a mother of two growing boys, and a spoiler of her dog, Ziggy... as well as, an active volunteer within her local community.     

Jaimie loves to run on her Peloton, listen to live music, dance wildly in the kitchen while cooking meals, engage in conversations about anything mystical, and snuggling up to her hubby at the end of the day.