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Hitting the Sweet Spot

I spent my childhood as an extremely bright, happy, and energetic girl that was always trying to consume as much pure sugar as possible.... think pixie sticks, sugar packets in restaurants, or dipping my strawberries (or spoon!) straight into a bag of sugar in my Mom's baking cabinet. My Mom still tells stories of all the times we would go out to eat. After we were situated at the table, I would ask to go to the bathroom. When I returned, there would be sugar all over my face. Yes, I very literally stole sugar packets off of the table and snuck off to eat them.

The more sugary the item the more I loved it. Overtime I graduated to skittles, rock candy, jelly beans, and gobstoppers... then, eventually as an adult, to alcohol (Truly Sparkling Spiked Water, anyone?) About 8 years ago I decided I needed to get a better handle on my sugar consumption, but to do that, I first had to understand this addiction from an Energy Medicine perspective. What I discovered can be summed up with...

I, like most everyone of you, am not in fact a sugar addict, but rather, I am a SWEETNESS addict. Realizing the difference between the two was so powerful, it forever shifted the way I viewed myself, my life, and my occasional sugary food choices.

You see... Sweetness is a part of our DNA. It is something we are hardwired to experience as a tool to help indicate when we are in a state of appreciation, joy, and love. Sweetness is the vibrational energy that helps to develop our sense of feeling uplifted, hopeful, and at peace. Through my studies of human energetics, as well as my own sweetness addiction, I discovered that our souls natural vibration IS sweetness, making its very desire to experience that in all things. Sweetness can come from a pie fresh out of the oven, a warm embrace, or just observing a child discover how to blow a bubble and then try to catch it.

Sweetness is in all things, and our Soul will always resonate with it's vibration. This is a gift of our humanness, and is the way we recognize the experience of love in all things.... It's also the vibration that I was most addicted to as a child through adulthood. I just could not get enough sweetness, and sugar was just one way to experience it!

Sweetness, in it's most organic form, is meant to be derived from life in the form of inspired service, empowered choices, and meaningful relationships. Resonating with sweetness brings an element of lightheartedness and relaxation into our reality. Sweetness gives us a resonance of living life with purpose and meaning. This is why when you are living in accordance with the sweetness of your life, it's easy to stay on track with your food choices... you might not even think about sugar in any of it's many forms... But, when life does not bring forth the sweetness we crave, we end up grabbing sugar to fill the hole.

Sugar is just a quick fix response to a sweetness deficiency.

Think about it... When you force yourself to take a job you hate... to be in relationships you know you would be better without... when you say no to the things you really want to say yes too... you will start staying as busy as possible so you don't have to admit it to yourself. And now that this global pandemic is at all of our doorsteps in some way, shape, or form, it only makes you feel more and more disconnected, lonely, anxious, and overwhelmed... But even so, the sweetness of your Soul is still searching for points of resonance. If it doesn't come from inspired service or anything of the like, then it will find it in chocolate cake. Every time.

Soul Shakers, I want you to understand that, that's okay. If we are being honest, which I always am, it's pretty darn difficult to find sweetness in a world that seems full of struggle, pain, anger, and uncertainty. This is why our cravings for sweetness are stronger now and in all times of stress.

Your big, beautiful heart is just longing for sweetness, and the sense of security and peace that it's vibration radiates within you. By accepting this truth, I sincerely hope you will finally let go of the shame you carry around what you eat. I sincerely hope you will stop beating yourself up and stop feeling so broken, just because your heart longs for sweetness. We all long for sweetness, and as Mary Freakin-Poppin's said herself....

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!!

And boy oh boy, is our world giving us all a massive dose of healing medicine right now!

Remember... We all have a sweet spot that needs tending too... that needs to find it's resonance in the greater world around it... and some days are just easier or more difficult than others. That is truth... that is life. The key is knowing that you don't have a problem with sugar... You just feel a shortage of sweetness available to you in the moment.

Nothing more... nothing less.

Pretty sweet, huh? :)

In Gratitude,

Jaimie Marie

I would love to hear your thoughts to this message ~ Share them in the comments below!

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Jaimie Marie
Jaimie Marie
Apr 16, 2020

We all need to stop beating ourselves up! Sweetness is a natural state of being... it's comfort and joy.. and everything nice. So, eat what you need in the moment, but keep your heart on the bigger picture;;; Developing a deep sense of sweetness in your life.. your career... your relationships... your parenting... your loving... your presence. That's what it's about! Thank you both for responding!


Love this💕 I need to stop beating myself up for addictions!


LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! I found myself saying “Yes” with lots of exclamation points throughout reading this article. I crave Sweetness!!!!

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