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Back to Basics, please.

I’m a huge believer that food shouldn’t be hard.

Nourishment, or what I loving call ‘Belly Love’, was intended to be easy... local... and in season. Things you could easily gather from the plants and trees around you. Things you could forage, cook together and enjoy with family.

Simplicity at the forefront, with recipes passed down for generations from our elders.

But… somehow in our increasingly difficult world, food was made to be difficult too. There are many reasons why this came to be, but we aren’t going to get into that here. Rather, I want to simply point out how of society tries to sell us on weighing foods, needing to purchase every fancy tincture, elixir, and blend to get the ‘just right’ formula... We are constantly being told what we need to do in order to achieve optimal health.

This makes belly love for the majority of society seem out of reach, hard, overwhelming, and the fastest way to drain your bank account… and then people wonder why the masses aren’t jumping on the ‘clean eating’ bandwagon?!?!

But here’s the thing… what if we took a pause for a moment, cleared the air, and once again made belly love simple as it was intended to be? What if you began right now with what you have? What if belly love lived in everything you consumed and didn’t require you to sell your soul or empty your bank account? Would you do it?

Soul Shakers, it all starts in our own hearts and in our own kitchens. Starting here with what you have, is how we all can take the ‘unattainable stigma’ out of nutrition and make it simple again.

And just for the record… Yes. Superfoods and all the “stuff” are most certainly healing and powerful… and yes, I do have many in my own kitchen… BUT… it’s not where the journey begins OR even where the journey ends for that matter.

When I see so many families struggling to stay afloat and pay their bills… when I see families desperately trying to do the best for their families, but always feeling like they are falling short… the last thing they need is to be sold the falsity that they are not doing enough. The fact is, we are all doing the best we can and we all want better… And by focusing on making things (especially belly love) more easily attainable through simplicity, people are able to evoke the energy of empowerment and keep going. When people feel they can win, they can feel good, they can attain belly love, wellness, and nourishment, (while saving their hard-earned money); they vibrate at a higher frequency. When they vibrate at a higher frequency, they not only heal on a cellular level, but they impact everyone and everything they encounter for the better…. And isn’t that the frequency our world so desperately craves??

Imagine that! By simply loving your body through simple and real ‘belly love’ choices, you can set off an energetic global shift.

No tinctures or superfoods needed.

~ Jaimie

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