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To be happy or unhappy... that is the question.

I got a little quiet since my last post, as I really needed to go inward and process something. Normally, when you hear someone is processing something, you think they must be going through hardships or tough times, right? But for me, the processing I have been doing is the exact opposite… I was going inward to try and figure out why I have been so darn happy and overall peaceful since quarantine started in mid-March.

You see… Things have been going so great on the home front, that I actually started to question myself. I thinking that I must be messing up or doing something wrong, because things have been going so smoothly. My children are thriving in homeschool… my husband working from home hasn’t been stressful or a hinderance in anyway… the dog loves all the extra attention… and I am happy just happy being the Mama and Wife. So, things have been going so well that I literally started questioning what I must be missing or doing wrong! Isn’t that crazy?

Maybe you have felt similar things now or in the past too. Either way, it goes to show just how deeply engrained the thought that life has to be a struggle, unhappy, or challenging truly is.

It highlighted how quick we discount our joy, in order to try and fit in with the stress of our greater world. It highlighted how scared we are to just let go and experience the joy of our experience through good times and bad. It was a powerful realization that came shooting up to the surface for me, so I went inward, got quiet, and as I do with all things; questioned the disconnect in order to learn how to bridge it back together.

What I surfaced with is this… Growth in life can be uncomfortable and uncertain… challenges and stressors will absolutely arise… but growth does not have to be a constant state of challenge, stress, or struggle… life does not have to be a constant stream of work and doing. The key to moving out of struggle in all things, is to surrender to all things. Even this time of safer-at-home orders, a magnificent gift to recalibrate our lives is being presented, if only people would surrender… get quiet… and listen.

But truth be told, most of society has no idea how to do that. Most of society believes to surrender, get quiet, and listen is a bunch of hogwash. So, it becomes the very thing they run from or discredit completely, without thought or reflection. And there in is the thought process that to just be happy, no matter your circumstances, is not tangible…. And if you are happy no matter your circumstances, you must be doing something wrong, because there is “so much out there” to stress about. To be happy means you must not be in touch with reality… you must not care… or you must not know what you are talking about or doing.

This is a generational wound, a major disconnect, that has been passed down for a very long time. This belief that life has to be constant work and struggle is strong, but that does not mean you/we cannot heal and shift it. Soul Shakers, I have very literally spent my entire life contemplating, analyzing, implementing, and healing generational wounds just like this one… and it is my life’s mission to guide all those that see this pattern rooted in their lives, to uproot it completely.

The world will once again be “opening up” after HER much needed break from US, but I ask you this…. What type of world do you want to re-enter? Are you going to continue to live afraid of your own thoughts so much, that you have to fill every second of every day with activities, mindlessness, and chatter in order to avoid the stillness?? Are you going to head back in to your job that you have been complaining about for years on end about how miserable it makes you? Are you going to shift your kids back into super jam-packed schedules, so you don’t have to spend time with them? Are you going to do this all with the energy of, “this is what life is…This is what it means to survive in todays world”?

I don’t give my direct opinion on things often, but I can truly say in response, I hope not.

After the worlds break from our constant demands and consumerism, I hope that we see things differently… I hope you are brave enough to take all your heart longings and finally make them happen. I hope that you see what is truly important and WHO is truly important, and shift your life to honor that. I hope you step out of the stress, arguments, fighting, and busy disconnection in order to learn the peace, love, and support of your own soul again. I hope you allow yourself to feel the love in all moments, chaotic or joyful, and know that no matter what your mind tells you… you are on the path to greatness and magic.

That is what I hope for you, and every one of us in this great world.

The Maker handed all of us a gift with this quarantine… The gift of time and space… forced stillness. He removed all distractions of sports, festivals, shops, restaurants, and the security we found in the constant doing. He gave many a break from their jobs that just a few months ago, they were saying was sucking the life out of their souls.

The Maker now asks:

What did you learn during this time? (And no, I don’t believe he means whether or not you learned how to bake banana bread 😊) Did you learn to listen to yourself? Did you take inventory on what makes you happy and are willing to bring more of that into your life? Did you smile? Did you learn to communicate in a new way? Did you slow down? Did uncover any ‘skeletons’ you have been busy hiding in the closet? Were you able to love yourself and build yourself anew?

Trust me when I say, no matter where you find yourself right in this moment, it’s not too late. It’s not too late to create a new reality. It’s not too late to live a life of joy.

I have spent the past decade of my life mastering balance, stillness, flow, communication, intimacy, inspired service, and a nourished identity. It can be done and you can be truly happy, even in the face of turmoil and pandemics. Join our Soul Family here, and let me show you how, because you matter… and...

We need each other.


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Jaimie Marie
Jaimie Marie
May 07, 2020



You write well. I have been feeling the same way so thank you for validating my feelings 😍


1000 times YES!!!! This directly resonates with where I have been! I need more inward stillness to really capture what my “new” life will look like. Thank you for sharing this!!!💜

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