Chakras 101

Are you interested to learn how your energetic system plays a role in your day to day life?  Have you heard this word, ‘chakra’, before but uncertain really what it is or their importance?

If so, you MUST join me for, Chakras 101, on Monday, March 11th 2019 from 6:00p CST till 7:00p CST.  I will be connecting with all attendees for a LIVE, ON-LINE introductory course on everything chakra.  You will walk away knowing what a chakra is, where each is located, and the main function that chakra has in your physical body and creation of life.

Enrollment fee for this class is only $59, which makes it even easier to say YES to your Soul and get enrolled!!   So, grab your friends and get signed up to join me for this incredible introductory course!





Jaimie Marie

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