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If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it…

This is a saying that I have been thinking about a lot lately.  I have heard so many people use this expression in context to their relationships, home life, job and pretty much every other aspect of life.  It’s usually when someone gives advice or announces a ‘new’ way to look at things or handle situations… that’s when people will pipe up and say “Things are good here… You know how it goes “if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it”.  Hummm….

So, basically this expression is stating that everything is working.  But let me ask this, “What’s working?”   And if it is working, is it working to its full potential?   When was the last time it was evaluated or reviewed?  I mean come on… my grandfather’s old battery operated radio may be “working’, but is it really doing him any justice when the signal is fuzzy or distorted?

Even Dwight gets it! Do you??

My point is, is that you can have something very old and established in your life, i.e., your marriage or career that seems to be ‘working’, yet you find yourself dissatisfied, unhappy or having feelings that there is something more out there waiting for you.  These are the moments that you need to evaluate the things around you.  You have to throw the old adage ‘If it ain’t broke, then don’t’ fix it’ out of the window and realize that just because something is functioning, does not mean its working. 

When you are able to step back, close your eyes, take a long, deep breath and then reopen your eyes, you often notice the shift in what you see.  I challenge each of you reading this at this very moment, to do just that.  Let yourself relax, let go and take a deep breath.  When you reopen your eyes to your world, what is the first thing/thought that jumps out at you?  Whatever the thought is, whether it be the simplest need to clean the house, an image of you at work, your kids running amuck, your spouse, or the desire to walk your dog… take the image, or thought, and pick up a piece of paper, and jot down the thoughts and feelings this image awoke in you.  No matter how trivial, silly or severe the feelings and thought are, write it down! 

Once you have written it down, ask yourself…. “What am I going to do to get this working for me again?” “If this were working optimally, how would my life and family be affected?”

I don’t know what you have written down on your paper, but I do know that your life would drastically transform if that list were working optimally.  If you are ready for things to once again ‘work’ and if you are ready to awaken your heart and soul… and if you are ready to truly LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST, you are invited to reach out to me now by clicking right here.  I have many different offerings just for YOU, so let’s do this thing!

And remember…. “If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it” no longer applies to your life.

In Gratitude,

Jaimie Marie

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