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Soul Shakers!

It’s officially summa’, summa’, summa’ time, and I could not be more excited for the longer days and warmer nights.  Even though Summer can bring a whole new level of chaos with the kids being home, it is also the perfect time of year to remember Self-Care and Self-Love.  

The sunshine literally kills bacteria in homes and spaces.
The fresh air blowing, clears away heaviness and ego thoughts.
The green grass and trees grow, connecting us deeper into the heart chakra.
The animals come out to play, giving us free entertainment.
The fresh waters warm up, allowing us to cool down, relax, and float.

Making it the perfect time to step deeper into your Soul, while using Mother Nature as the beautiful support she is.  Trust me on this one… It is much easier to heal in warm, sunny months, then it is in dark, cold months.  Haha!

Now, on to a little business with Soul Bottom Wellness…  Spring of 2018, I transitioned the way I offer my healing love out to the world.  Up until that time, I was seeing on average 100 clients/month OR about 25 per week.  I was, and am, so very grateful for every single Soul that joined the Soul Shaker family, but to be honest, this schedule also led to me experiencing ‘healer burn out’.  

Advanced Energy Medicine, Professional Mediumship, Intuitive Soul Coaching, and Zone Energy Balancing are the most healing and life changing sessions I can/could ever facilitate… but also some of the most energetically taxing (Especially at the rate at which I was going!)  So, over the past 365 days, I put a halt on Mediumship, and started accepting applications for new clients that wanted to on-board for healing.  This treasured process, allowed me to say ‘YES’ to assist and guide those that are truly ready to SKYROCKET… while being able to refer alternate modalities for those that may need a bit more time.  In this transition I found profound peace, balance and energy exchanges… in both personal and business worlds.

I was led to work with organizations I had only dreamed off working with in the past… I was led to conversations about healing the world with fellow Luminaries like Matt Kahn… to partnerships with business professionals that helped give me the road map to shine on an even wider scale, like Juliann Stitick… to some of the most remarkable Souls training with me to become healers… And last, but definitely not least, it led me back to the fullness of my writing, to include blog posts like this, as well as, my written BOOKS!  Yes… I am in the process of writing THREE books, and the excitement with knowing they will be out in the world soon has me shaking with love vibrations. 

It is in this love vibration I deeply integrated my Soul, while also completely surrendering to my life path and humanness.  No more struggle… no more wanting to change anything… no more wanting anything other than I have… No more shame, guilt, grief, fear… Just me and The Maker (God) experiencing and feeling it ALL, while co-creating in the glory of the light.

To continue this glorious expansion, and to surrender fully into my gifts and passions, the way in which I operate my business will once again transform. 

Come the end of August 2019, I will be closing the physical doors of Soul Bottom Wellness, and will be moving all of my love, services, coaching, and healing to an on-line format.  Utilizing technology, I am able to connect with anyone, anywhere, face to face, and bring forth deep, deep healing.   

With a humble heart, I can confidently say that the brick and mortar may be closing, but I am opening and rising. 

The level of healing I am bringing forth for you now in this moment, is the most magical it has ever been.   

Utilizing an on-line soul format, clients receive an extreme level of healing.  Why you may ask?? 

Because when they are sitting in their comfy clothes, in their comfy home, with their comfy snacks, they are able to open and connect more deeply to the energies being offered.  They are no longer worried about missing work, handling schedules, orchestrating kids, or having to rush out the door to make appointments.  I have been working with clients across the nation for the past 5 years using this format, and I can guarantee you, the healing brought forth is absolute Magic.

With this shift, I will be offering…

  • Private Soul Healing Intensive Days
  • Private Soul Coaching
  • Soul Shaker Family Group Coaching
  • Soul Shop Masterminds
  • Intuitive Guidance Readings
  • Energetic Mapping

I also have two Signature Programs…

  • Manifesting Magic
  • Healing through Energy

With my third program, ‘Harmonizing the Home’, in development as I type! These programs were born of my life and journey, and take you step by little step, through releasing the outdated and stepping into the luminescent.

There will also be live quarterly events, an upcoming Podcast (JamTalks), soul retreats, and writing some lil’ readers.  Oh….. and did I mention yet that I am also actively writing THREE BOOKS?!?! Phew!

But what can I say?!!?  The Maker has big things in store for this little lady, and as scary and overwhelming as it all can be (and is), I am equally excited, humbled, and honored to be of service to The Maker in this way.  

So…. If it has been awhile since we have touched base, you NEED to reach out to learn how you can take advantage of all that is happening.

If you are someone new to this community and have been debating on trusting yourself enough to get started… NOW is the time to reach out.

If you are an active client, and want to know how you can continue developing, expanding, and training… I have EVERYTHING you need.  Reach out NOW.  To honor this transition, and to honor Soul Bottom Wellness’ (5) year (and last) anniversary,

I am offering 10% off ALL SERVICES AND CLASSES through the end of JUNE.   

All you need to do is send a message (CLICK HERE) stating you are ready to sprinkle magic in your life, and we will schedule a consultation… Which will also be free of charge as my bonus gift to you!!

What do you have to lose?!?!    Nothing.  Zip. Nada.

What do you have to gain?!?!    Literally Everything. 

Soul Shakers, in closing, I want you to know how much I love each of you.  Completely and whole-heartedly.  You have no idea what your light energy brings into my world… nor can you fully understand how much you are valued and cherished in my heart…  But that will be a post for another time, as it makes me overflow with emotion; physically, emotionally, and mentally.  More to come soon.

In Gratitude,

Jaimie Marie

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