Working with Jaimie as a spiritual mentor and guide has been the impetus of incredible growth and healing for me over the last three years.  I initially came to her with chronic pain that I wasted thousands of dollars trying to diagnose only to come up with no answers.  After one energy session, Jaimie and I got to the root of the emotional block causing the issue and I was pain free.

What was so innovative about Jaimie’s work is that she empowered me to figure out and clear the issue myself, holding the space of love and non-judgement as I found my own answers, always asking the right questions that I needed to do so. Jaimie held me with love as I walked through an incredible period of darkness and pain.  During this time, she helped me to sift through the darkness to find the medicine within it as the heroine — not the victim — of the experience.

Her belief in my deep inner wisdom and ability to heal myself helps me daily to know that I always have every answer within me: the work of a true spiritual teacher and healer.

Jaimie is a real, live human being – authentic, raw, honest and hilarious – with incredible intuitive gifts.  Watching her own her magic and shine so brightly in her non-traditional field inspires me to bravely own mine, and that just may be the best part of working with her.  I cannot say enough about the immense healing that has taken place since she came into my life.  I am forever grateful!

~ Erin

“Hi, my name is Pierre and 8+ years ago I found out I had Parkinson’s Disease. At that point, even with the high’s and the low’s, I made the decision it would not have me. In early 2017, at a low point, I was thinking of having the deep brain stimulation surgery, as I was already at the max of my medications. Something said, ‘don’t do it’, and instead I was decided to do a heavy metal detox. Soon after that, I was introduced to Jaimie at Soul Bottom Wellness. Through the sessions we have had thus far, Jaimie was/is able to make me see and open passages to release pent-up negative energy. Jaimie’s abilities are jaw dropping. She truly has a gift.

It is now four months later since I started working with her, and the first time I was scheduled to see my neurologist yesterday. During my appointment, my doctor was in complete shock and aw, that I did not have any tremors. Through the various tests she performed during our time together, she was unable to get me to shake. This put a huge smile on my face.

Don’t get me wrong… Jaimie and I are not finished with the healing journey yet. I still have tremors, but the time in-between them is getting farther and farther apart. Jaimie will make you think and will help you remember that your body CAN heal itself with the right help. Jaimie is the right help. Just ask me.”


I was lucky enough to find Jaimie when I was at my lowest.  For close to 5 years, I felt like I was in a haze of confusion, fear and a constant “want” for more in my life. I was able to work with Jaimie through private sessions which were immensely impactful.  From there, I decided it was time to take the Manifesting Magic course.  I was all in! 

Through taking this course, I not only met an amazing group of like-minded women (who I still keep in touch with), but I learned how to finally listen to myself, to allow my heart’s desires the love and acknowledgment they needed, in order to turn them into my reality.  Jaimie creates a safe and loving space to dive in.  I can’t tell you how much I looked forward to every class!! 

Since taking the course, I truly fell in love with myself which was life changing!  I have moved into my “dream house” , as well as, manifested the perfect career to the tee of how I pictured it.  I did this all through what I learned in Manifesting Magic!!  I cannot express enough what a powerful course this is for anyone looking for more in life, or for those who feel they too have hit their lowest.  Thank you, Jaimie, for all that you do.  I am so blessed to have been brought into your Soul Shaker tribe. Excited for what’s next

~ Jenn

I came to know Jaimie through a dear friend of mine. After coming out on the other side of some very traumatic extended family issues, I must say I was a bit hesitant to start this process of healing.  However, after meeting with Jaimie there was no denying the immediate connection we had.

There is just something so warm and genuine about Jaimie and her guidance.  She reminds you of your light, so you can once again be the best version of yourself.  Don’t get me wrong, you have to put in the work, which at times can make you feel a bit uncomfortable… but I now know that, that is simply a sign of true growth.

I am well on my way to finally realizing, and experiencing, so many of my dreams.  I owe that to Jaimie helping to open my eyes and connect me back to my true potential!


The Manifesting Magic Program is changing my life and blowing my mind every day.  This course is awakening the type of healing my soul has always desired, but that I never knew actually existed.  Jaimie is an angel, and a true healer, who created this beautiful program to educate those who are stuck, those who need to heal and those who want more. This is for those that truly desire to become unstuck and learn how to THRIVE.   The shift in my perspective during this time has been extraordinary!

If everyone knew the magic you would experience through this program, I guarantee no one who hesitate to sign up.  If you are like me and just can’t seem to get out of your own way to get what you want out of life,you need to contact Jaimie today… She will help you kick your own butt!

~ Shal