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Maybe you have tried Dry January in the past only to cave midway through... or maybe you made it with flying colors only to fall on your face February 1st... or maybe you have always dreamt of what it would feel like to be alcohol free but are scared to start.

If so, this is the place for you!  

Let's change the narrative.




Virtual Live Meetup's

Weekly live conversations, research and studies, and daily support. Come ask questions, listen to others, celebrate successes, and receive game-changing tips to crush January alcohol free (and beyond!)


Group Connection

Gain access to a private forum to introduce yourself, share your story, ask for support, receive product discounts, and build connections with other Soul Shakers across the nation. 

Watch for special guest take-overs!


Recipes for Success

Each week you will receive easy to make recipes for zero proof beverages, powerful journaling prompts, meditations, songs, intentions, and exclusive discount codes to my favorite products!


We all have a story with alcohol. Mine started here.

What are you waiting for?
No cost. Just action.

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