Breaking the Silence…

Soul Shakers!  It simply has been way too long since I have connected with all of you, and I felt today was a great day to break the silence once and for all.

The year of 2018, has been nothing short of absolutely life changing for me; personally, and professionally. Some of those changes came through stretching and growth, and some of those changes came through erosion of what was no longer working.

Namely, my thriving healing practice. You see, up until February of this past year, I had been going on (4) years of seeing 50-100 clients per month. This was so great, as it meant that holistic healing was paving its way in the community, as well as, being able to witness the incredible healing of thousands of individuals. It was such an awesome honor and privilege… However, with this schedule and overflow of energy and time, I was very literally “leaving everything on the field” and had little to nothing left to take home at the end of the day.

My physical body began showing serious manifestations, which lead to me having multiple surgeries, as well as, being diagnosed with chronic pain and chronic fatigue.

My emotional body was so overloaded, that I no longer knew what was mine and what was everyone else’s.  I went from happy, to sad, to angry, to frustrated, to happy, to sad, to angry, to frustrated.

My mental body was so overworked, that I had no thought energy left to engage with my most prized relationships, leading to some serious communication breakdown.

Something had to give.

Upon realizing my rapid decline by trying to heal the world, I decided to stick with my 2018 new year intention of becoming REAL (read more here), and shift the way I was living my life.  Completely.  If you have never done this before, let me just tell you, it’s no easy task!  But I had no other option (funny what happens when you have ‘no other option’, huh?)  Anyway, I quickly went to work on evaluating every single aspect of my life:  What was working and what was not… when was I the happiest and when I was at my worst… what did I want to gain and what I was willing to release to receive it… and so on down the line.

After almost a month of deep contemplation, in the beginning of March 2018, I decided that the biggest area of my life that was needing to shift, was my healing practice at Soul Bottom Wellness. Even though I knew the shift was exciting and exactly what I needed, it was still one of the hardest things I had to navigate.  Saying ‘NO’ to Soul Shakers/Clients was so extremely difficult.  Some shared in those tears with me, some supported me through them, and some yet did not understand how or why I was doing what I was doing and became angry. No matter where you or anyone else landed in that response, I understood the response, because I was feeling those same responses within myself, towards myself.  It was so very challenging, but I trusted my heart completely and said ‘NO’ when I needed to say no… I referred clients out to other local healing practitioners, or said ‘YES’ to some of you mid healing cycle.

As I started enforcing boundaries and balance, I shifted my business structure into a system that better supported not only myself, but that best supported and healed the client I was working with.  I immediately wrote, self-directed, and self-produced my signature series, Manifesting Magic, into a stellar (7) week on-line healing video program.  I committed to working with no more than a handful of clients at any given time (my average has been no more than 5 and it’s amazing!), I designed incredibly kick ass healing Soul Offerings for those that seek more out of life.  I opened up my creative and contemplative channels to redesign life to better suit the wholeness of me.  And finally, and most importantly, I have reconnected in magical ways to my children, my lobster, and myself.  I am finally back to the things that make me, me!

For those unaware, prior to opening SBW in 2014, I was a Soulful Writer and Spiritual teacher for almost 3 years.  During that time, I wrote almost daily in my notebook (blog) and grew a worldwide following of Soul Shakers that resonated with the messages of healing and love in the world. This forum for my teaching was magical, as it combined everything I loved; Spirituality, Photography, Writing, Family, Connection, and Public Speaking.  

You may say, “Why would you let any of that go then, Jaimie?”

Well, simply put… even as glorious of a phase that was for me, my heart continued to call me to go deeper.  I answered that call and it led me to the School of Energy Medicine in December 2013, where I dove in head first.  So much so, that something had to give, which were my writings and teachings at that time.  By allowing that piece of me to be set free, I was able to focus everything on learning and expanding… Which led to me graduating at the top of my class, which led me to opening SBW with amazing know how, which led me to be able to offer powerful healing on all levels, which led me to each and every one of you, which ultimately led me back home to myself! 

When you look at it that way, it truly is glorious, isn’t it?!?!   I will be honest… for a while there, I was caught up in the mentality that I ‘gave something up’ or that I ‘lost something’, when in actuality I gained everything I needed and more!  Each of YOU is what makes me, ME! 

So, when the start of 2018 led me back to the truth that again things needed to drastically shift, I heeded the knowingness from my previous experience and said ‘YES UNIVERSE’ and shifted!   With entering this new space of, Jaimie Marie, I will be able to be ALL of who I am, so that the FULLNESS of who I am can be shared with each of you! 

That has me so excited because you have some serious awesomeness coming your way!! 😊 

So, over these past 12 months of 2018, I continue to work with exceptional Soul Shakers that are truly ready for healing and those that are seeking content and experiences to feel fully alive. (Learn More HERE) The level of healing being offered has gone to a whole new level of awesomeness… I have been resting like a boss and allowing my body to catch-up on all the healing that has taken place on the energetic level… I have been expanding and growing my spiritual teachings by working with my mentors…  I have been creating and re-creating and re-creating this brand of ‘Who Am I?” over and over again… every time I thought it was ready, my Soul would say, “not yet”.

I waited… and waited… and waited… and then today, surprisingly, my Soul whispered,

 “It’s time”.

And here I am. 

In my perfectly imperfect fullness; Jaimie Marie.

I look forward to sharing with you… connecting with you… laughing with you… crying with you… and shining light into the world with you.

If you are ready, I would be honored to travel with you through one of my upcoming on-line courses or private healing and coaching programs. Reach out to setup a complimentary Soul Call to see what would be best to get you to where you want to be! 

Much Love,

Jaimie Marie

PS: Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of this new format!!

2 thoughts on “Breaking the Silence…

  1. Jamie Carter says:

    Love the friends reference! I can definitely relate to spreading yourself too thin, especially in the helping field- I am a recovering social worker.😉 I love your outlook on life and the work that you do is amazing. SBW is a great place to recharge your batteries, I hope that after the holidays I can come and indulge in a healing massage or facial. You and I have spoke in the past about your program, but at the time it was not right for me or my family. I hope I can stop in at SBW to chat with you about this journey some day in the near future.

    • Jaimie Marie says:

      Hi Jamie!! We would love for you to come up to SBW for some self-care! What a glorious thing to do, especially after the holidays! As for our convo, just let me know when 💚💚 did you see I have an online, live course on healing coming up in January?? Would love to have you!

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