Welcome to the Soul Shaker Resource Page!

What exactly is a Soul Shaker you may ask??

A Soul Shaker simply put, is someone that believes in the magic of their light, and will do what it takes in order to honor that light in an ever-changing world.  Soul Shakers seek assistance in illuminating their path in order to experience the fullness of all life.

In the early days of time, this type of support and guidance was found through the use of tribes.  This is where individuals would give the best of themselves, their light, in order to support the greater tribe.  Each light was as pivotal as the next, and the functioning of the whole was dependent on each part.

Over time, our world has lost many of the foundations created in this type of tribal support and environment, making people (women especially) feel very alone and isolated.

That is why I have created this page just for you!  The individual lights that are listed below, help to create and support the light of all.  Here you will find many of my favorite resources and recommendations to help you ignite (and support) your light within.

Soul Shaker Support Team

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The Osthoff Resort

Elkhart Lake


Bella Vista Suites

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