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Marriage through Transformation

Soul Shakers...

Let's face it, marriage can be hard. When you have two people that are evolving as individuals, but also as one unit; it brings up a lot of our 'stuff'.

What I have learned is that finding a way to work together, while still honoring each other's autonomy, is the key to intimacy and joy. BUT... .don't just take my word for it, take my hubby's too!!

That's right... today I brought my husband, Jason, into the studio with me for a totally unscripted conversation about marriage... and growth... and trust... and vulnerability.

Jason and I would like to continue these coffee & conversations, so if you have questions you would like our perspective on, put it in the comments below.

Enjoy these 18 minutes... and we hope you walk away with something to bring into your own partnerships.


Jaimie (& now Jason too!)

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Jaimie Marie
Jaimie Marie
May 09, 2020

This is sooooo awesome to hear! Thank you for sharing and we look forward to doing more 😘🙏


Wayne and I watched this together and we just love you guys 🥰. Marriage takes work and it was nice to hear a male perspective, to be patient and how important timing is.

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