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‘Evolve Anyway’ is a concept I have been teaching to clients for as long as I can remember. It’s one of my all-time favorites, as I know every time it comes into conversation, my client has awakened and is about to skyrocket in their transformation.

With the CoVid-19 pandemic we are all facing globally; now is the perfect time to share this teaching with YOU. You see… this new reality that seems heavy, chaotic, and full of worry… is also the most magical invitation we have ever received. This pandemic is truly an invitation to transform your life in every single way, and with this level of transformation, comes the need to know how to Evolve Anyway.

It starts with the web of life.

The web of life is the collective consciousness that holds everything, and everyone, in existence. It is the world in which we live, from your physical home, to the community you live, to the greater world you are a part of. This web is alive and ever changing based on our ability to transform.

The collective shifts start when you begin to awaken. ‘Awaken’…. You may have heard that word used before in spiritual realms or on different social media memes, but to move forward it’s important you really understand what it means.

Awakening is a moment in life, where you suddenly realize this web of life is made up of billions and billions of much smaller webs. Blinking your eyes to try and see clearer, you lean in and take a closer look. It is here you discover that, just like everyone else in the world, you have your own web represented in the whole. It is an incredible and overwhelming feeling! It is an experience that most all of us are experiencing right now facing this global pandemic. The opportunity to awaken to deeper truth… to see the collective web of life and our individual role within it.

All awakenings come to serve you with life’s ultimate invitation; Transformation.

You see… as you start discovering your individual web, you simultaneously see the ways in which this system is no longer serving your expansion. You may even awaken so deeply that not only do you discover your own web, but you also discover the crucial role your web plays in the collective web of life. This type of awakening is sure to birth a deep desire in your Soul to want to live in bigger and more inspired ways… but it’s also sure to be unsettling and even a bit scary.

How do I expand my web? What do I do with all the people and things that are already in the web? If I rearrange the strings, will something fall out? Am I really worthy of elevating and expanding?

For you these questions probably sound more like….

“How do I find my passion and purpose? How do I bring peace into my relationships? I know I am meant for something more in life, but what? Ugh. I don’t want to cause an argument or fight… I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable”

Sound familiar?

When RSVP’ing ‘Yes’ to Transformation’s invitation, you are immediately shown all the ways you have been living trying to avoid it. It’s unavoidable and necessary in order to transform. You need to see and feel it all, so you feel the deep readiness within your bones. This readiness is what fuels the transformation, and where we continue to hear our souls soft whisper; “keep going

And we do! We begin to look even more deeply at our web… the relationships it holds, the memories, our experiences of all the people, places, and things… and we begin feeling all the feels. I.E. Processing all the stagnant energies. The more we feel and express, the more our Soul becomes elevated and expanded, and it is in this sweet spot that our Souls voice becomes clearer than any voice we have ever known before.

Keep. Going.

It is the moment of no return. The moment we can no longer go back to the way we were living or operating. The moment everything shifts and our only choice is to continue forward. We begin to slowly and steadily start honoring ourselves… we begin to shine… we begin to speak-up… we dance… we sing… we cry… we fight… we break down… we pick ourselves back up… we march… we sleep… but most importantly….

We begin to live.

Easy enough, right? Maybe yes… maybe no, but there is still one piece that you need to know... A part, or side effect, of the transformation process. As you transform, you naturally create a rocking, shimming, and shaking of everyone, and everything, that is intertwined in your web. To others, this is an unexpected quake which brings forth panic and fear. This is when others begin doing everything possible to stop the shaking (consciously or unconsciously). This is when others begin to fight to keep you exactly where you have been, in the hopes the shaking will stop.

Your movement forces others to decide if they want to take action in their lives, as the role you had filled for them changes. Things no longer fit the same, which is a good thing even if others do not realize it right away. I mean... think about how long it has taken you to say yes to your own transformation, let alone feeling it has been forced upon you. Think about how hard it is to actually shift and heal and grow.

Know this… Other people’s decision to join you in transformation or not, will play out exactly as it needs to in order to fulfill their own divine plan for their own divine life. There is no amount of guilt or desire to protect them from being uncomfortable, that can control what they choose. And the same goes in reverse… When people you know and love lash out at you… when they try to manipulate you to stay exactly where you are… when they try to guilt and shame you, it’s not because anything is wrong with you. It’s because they are scared. They know your transformation is going to challenge every fiber in their web.

Evolve Anyway.

Evolve Anyway Soul Shakers! As you do, you will begin to see that the fibers of the web in which you have been entangled is really your own chrysalis. You will see that you are in the process of transforming from the caterpillar to the butterfly. You will see in the breaking down of the old, there is also a cellular rearranging of the new. The ONLY WAY to free yourself is to become the butterfly.

When the caterpillar becomes the butterfly; it looks back at the broken chrysalis with immense gratitude, appreciation, and love… When the butterfly flies up, the caterpillars see that and are then no longer afraid to transform themselves.

And with that, you are free.

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