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Communion is Permission

Communion is joining forces with others for the betterment of both.

Communion is the cause and effect of transformation.

Communion is sharing the sacred, with the sacred.

Communion is an unhindered relationship with life.

Communion is a choice, freely given to all… which is the point I want to dig into today.

In the past, I have spent so much precious energy trying to help others commune more fully in their lives, that it actually ended up hindering communion with my own. Have you ever experienced that? A time when your own life intentions were overrun by the need to help someone else find theirs? Have you ever met someone and knew instantly what they needed to feel better, so you fulfilled that need for them while leaving your own needs unattended and empty?

Yeah. It’s a vicious cycle that happens all the time… to all of us. It’s also a vicious cycle that does not need to continue… which is why choosing what/who you commune with is so vital.

I now know deep down in the depths of my Soul, that in order to commune fully with life and all it brings forth, you cannot control what does or does not show up in your life. You can however, acknowledge all that shows up, but then choose what you do or do not commune with.

Communion is permission.

With that, let’s pause for a moment while you grab your favorite pen and journal… scribble square… or notebook. Once you have those, read the below questions and jot down your immediate response:

What are you giving permission to commune with in your life?

Are those people, places, and spaces communing with you equally in return?

Does this communion feel transformative?

Do you feel in communion with who you are and the life that you are leading?

(No matter your response, go ahead and put your notebook aside now with a commitment to return later for deeper reflection)

Soul Shakers…. Communing with others that ARE choosing to commune with you, is intimacy. Communing with others that choose NOT to commune with you, is self-abandonment. Choosing who you do or do not commune with, is sacred empowerment.

Oh! It’s also super important to note… When you choose not to commune with something or someone, for whatever reason, that’s okay. It does not make you mean, cold, rude, or selfish, as long as you don’t act mean, cold, rude, or selfish. You can continue being a loving Soul to the very thing you choose not to commune with, because if you remember from the beginning, communion is joining forces with others for the betterment of both…. not one.

With that being said…. I sincerely hope this reflection allows you to commune more fully with life, and that you are brave enough to make shifts where necessary. Weed out the places and spaces that are not in equal communion with you… step away from the things that make you feel less than… and engage with those who desire to commune with you. That’s where the magic is.

~ Jaimie

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2 comentários

Jaimie Marie
Jaimie Marie
09 de jan. de 2021

Yeah! It is so empowering to release the things that do not support transformative communion. So happy to have you here, Amy!


08 de jan. de 2021

This is a really powerful message! I am also super glad to hear that you are stepping away from social media to focus more energy on writing and will be posting it here. I’ve stepped been in and on again/off again relationship with social media and knowing that I can get your inspirations somewhere outside of social media brings me a lot of joy🤩

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