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3 Ways to Elevate Your Consciousness

"You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it" ~ Albert Einstein

There is really only one truth before all of us, regardless of individual beliefs; We are living in strange, strange times… When we look outward, we see chaos, panic, death. All experiences that trigger survival mode and literally punch us straight in the root chakra.

For those unaware, our Root Chakra is where we develop our sense of survival, our right to be here in this great world. This energy center also determines how safe we do or do not feel in ourselves, and our world. What we are seeing in the world right now is what happens when safety is being stripped away from us; we go into fight mode. People are fighting their right to be here and to stay alive. Think hoarding… obsession with material items… fear… anger… and extreme anxiety.

The opposite side of this root chakra overload, manifests as individuals that escape chaos by not caring and not wanting to be here…. Which does not mean these individuals are looking to die, they just simply don’t know what to do, so they do nothing at all. They withdraw and go on with life as ‘normal’.

The fight and withdraw responses are very real, and both responses NEED OUR COMPASSION. Without compassion, we become a more deeply divided community… however that community looks for you. With compassion, we shift into ACCEPTANCE… and in acceptance, we move into peace.

This is what it means to elevate your consciousness, and is also why it's so crucial to learn how to do. Here are three simple ways to do just that:

1. Movement: Your body is created from an incredible energy field that was designed to be in constant movement as you travel through life. However, when we experience high levels of anxiety and fear, our energy system becomes stagnant and stuck.

Imagine sitting in a room and watching as that room slowly fills with smoke. As you sit, the smoke becomes heavier, clouding your vision and stifling your senses. This is what happens to your energy field under stress and anxiety... Movement is like opening a window and letting the smoke out.

Movement does not require anything more than simply standing up where you are right now, and reaching your hands up and over your head... then dropping your hands down to your toes... dance to your favorite song... sway back and forth as you prepare your lunch... go for a walk. MOVEMENT is necessary to clear the stagnancy and bring back heightened, clear senses.

2. Conscious Communication: Every time you open your mouth to speak, you have an opportunity to elevate your consciousness. The throat chakra is the smallest in the system, but it's also the most powerful as for what you speak either heals or creates toxicity. I encourage you to use your words to inspire others, authentically.

Conscious Communication allows you to use your words to compliment and inspire those around you. When you share a term of endearment or a compliment about their hard work, unique perspective, ability to handle multiple tasks, and so on down the line... you instantly heal and lift that individuals energy field. When that happens, your field will instantly elevate and heal as well. When you are in that elevated state, you again are able to clear and heighten your senses.

3. Stillness & Quiet: Last, but in no way least, is stillness and quiet time. I feel this is one of the best gifts from the times we are finding ourselves in with Covid-19 forcing us into our homes. We have a (forced) opportunity to step out of the busyness of life, and come back to ourselves... to listen to our internal guidance.

We have been living our lives talking, asking, begging for guidance or answers... maybe in the form of prayers, maybe in the form of talking to others...but talking all the same. Stillness is the gift of listening to the answers. These answers come from the Universe, the Divine, from God... and are the messages that are most healing and needed at this point in time. If you don't make time for stillness, you cannot get to the answers to guide you into this new day and age.

Check back often, Soul Shaker, as there is much to do and learn during this time!

~ Jaimie Marie

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