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2020: The Year of the Healer

Soul Shakers,

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been amazed by all the reports and interviews on big name television channels, that are focused on Spiritual Well-Being, Mental Health, and Emotional Balance. Each time I see Deepak Chopra or a local Therapist being featured talking about love in action, and coming together to support one another… I am more and more positive that 2020 is the YEAR OF THE HEALER!

Is our world crazy, overwhelming, and chaotic? Yes…. But guess what? It is also the most magical invitation from The Maker we have ever received. We are being asked to step up, shine, and put into action all the things we have spent our life mastering, in order to help create a new day and age for all. We truly have an opportunity to lead people out of the rubble and into a new beginning. A beginning that is focused on what’s most important; each other, love, compassion, acceptance, and spiritual connection.

Think about it for a minute…. Think about all time and resources you have invested throughout your life to heal… to learn meditation… to connect to your intuition… to transform and love yourself… to be tender and accepting… to be a better parent, spouse, sibling, friend, daughter. All the classes, sessions, seeking, growing, reading, and action to BE MORE…. To BE BETTER…

I am here to tell you with total confidence; ALL OF IT WAS TO PREPARE YOU FOR THIS MOMENT RIGHT NOW. Every piece of it.

Isn’t that amazing?

All the times over all the years that you questioned yourself… you doubted yourself… you hid out afraid to show anyone your spiritual or ‘woo-woo’ side. All the times you asked, “why am I doing any of this?”…

All of that growth was to prepare you for the YEAR OF THE HEALER.

You are a healer… if you weren’t, then our paths would never have crossed. Your Soul knows the truth of what you are capable of… Your Soul is ready.

But in order to truly navigate these new times… in order to create new systems and structures that support love in action… in order to create a world of magic and wonder for our children to truly grow up to be whatever they desire to be; WE NEED EACH OTHER.

We need each other to build a community of Soul’s that are more dedicated to their own light, than they are to the darkness of our world.

We need each other to support the flow of creativity, ideation, and reinvention.

We need each other to show up and build a force of love that is greater than any force looking to divide.

We need each other to cry with… laugh with… be human with… to explore the vastness of the Universe with.

We need each other in all ways, always.

So, I ask you…. What is your RSVP to The Maker’s invitation?

I ask you… will you drown in chaos and uncertainty, and look back on 2020 as the year of death and separation? Or will you step up and into your light, to look back on 2020 as the year of the healer… the year the world was healed.

Will you be a part of the evolution? Innovation? Recalibration? Magic? Wonder? Love?

If you are in, then let’s do this together. Soul Family Membership is now OPEN to everyone that is ready to light up their world and get busy being a part of the new human paradigm.

Our Family Meetings are held the same days and times every week:

7:30a CST Monday & Friday’s: Coffee & Conversation

- Come as you are and join in soul healing conversation… bring your coffee, tea, or water and settle in. This is your time to share, ask questions, or sit back and listen as I provide group Intuitive Soul Coaching for all involved. I am telling you, I’m normally not a morning person, but starting the day in this way is absolutely incredible and has turned me into one!

7:00p CST Wednesday Soul Teaching

- Grab your favorite evening beverage or go lay in bed, while you listen to a powerful Soul Teaching that is guaranteed to move and inspire you in every way. After my teaching, I open up the lines for questions and guidance.

9:00a CST Sunday Soul Healing Morning

- Light your favorite incense or candle, grab your favorite pillow or blanket, roll out your yoga mat and lay back as you are taken on a magical healing journey. I lead these healings and meditations with the intention of restoring and activating your heart and light within. These healings help to elevate your consciousness and empower your heart!

I guarantee that you will find, and activate, an energy within yourself that you have been searching for forever… I guarantee you that you will have a deep centeredness within your being, that carries you through the week… I guarantee that you will learn how to navigate the days and nights with ease… I guarantee that you will step into the Healer you have always know to be within you, and that you will have an incredible family support system to harness it!

We need each other… now more than ever before. Will you say Yes? Will you join me in the creation of the new for all generations to come? Will you show the world the Healer you are?

Register HERE – The first week is on me, so you have nothing to lose! Share with all you know and let’s come together and SHINE OUR MAGIC!

In Gratitude,


What people are saying:

“You are a true Angel! Once again, I found great comfort in your words. Thank you for your love and all you do and share.”
“I sincerely thank you for doing this group. You are like an anchor in a storm. I have felt such strong emotions about what has been happening in this country before the virus and now, with it, we live with daily horrific news that keeps getting worse. But... with your help, we will navigate this!”
“Just wanted to let you know that tonight’s teaching was ABSOLUTELY perfect for me!!!! I had a highly anxious day yesterday, after a really good coping day Monday (following our 7:30am call).”
“Thank you for an awesome coffee conversation this morning. You are amazing! and at the end of our time together, you called me out and mentioned that if we need to feel emotion, just let it out. A few minutes before you said that I felt a welling up of intense energy in my chest that I knew I wouldn't be able to contain for long. You nailed it!!! It's just amazing what your intuition picks up!
This was such a blessing for me to see beautiful faces this morning and be able to share openly and receive wonderful messages for our day/week in the midst of the crazy going on in the background of our world.”
“Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL teaching tonight. You are an beautiful, inspiring and loving teacher. You light shines through. The words you spoke tonight were meant for me! I love this new program you have launched. It is a gift.”

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