Be an explorer!

An explorer, captain, and crew set out for an adventure on the open seas. An adventure that promises treasure beyond their wildest dreams… an adventure that provides no guarantee of safety… an adventure that will be unlike any adventure before it. For everyone on the boat, the roles are defined and set; Captain drives the boat to where they need to be, crew sets the stage for what is about to happen and the explorer jumps into the murky waters to search for what may lie below. The exact same boat. The exact same waters. The exact same mission.
Who do you feel has the easiest role?

For some, they feel it’s the Captain who has the easiest role. All he has to do is drive the boat to where it needs to be. Some feel it’s the Crew. They don’t have the risk of going into the water or the responsibility of finding the proper location. Others yet, feel it’s the Explorer with the easiest role, as all he has to do is jump in and look around.
All of the above is perfectly true, except for one big thing; each individuals intention. You see, the Captain does not intend to do the work of setting up what needs to be done, but he is willing to go down with the boat. The crew has no intention of navigating or jumping into the cold waters, but they intend to provide safety. The explorer has no intention off holding the lines or navigating the seas, but intends to return with treasure for all.

When you think about it, each individual plays a crucial part, with not one being more important than the other. When it comes to our own lives, the same holds true. For within each of us is a Captain, a crew member and an explorer. Every morning when we wake, we either choose to play an individual role, or harness the opportunity of being all of them.
Our Captain is our soul, always driving us to exactly where we need to be. We can kick, scream or yell that we want to go the other way, we can question whether or not we are headed in the right direction, but Captain Soul will never stray from the plan. Remember, your Captain knows how to read the maps, knows the coordinates of the all the locations, and more importantly, is willing to go down fighting for YOU… For your life. For your adventure.

The Crewman is our ego/mind, which always stays on board the boat. The crewman will check and even double and triple check, the lines and the gear, all while monitoring the Explorer. They are responsible for calling off the mission if the waters become unsafe, as well as, determining when the conditions are optimal for the explorer to go in. We may not always agree, and sometimes we even have to stand up to the crew, but there is no doubt that the crewmen are there for you and your safety.

And lastly; The Explorer
The Explorer is You and your life purpose. Some call it our heart or our passion. Either way, it’s all the same. The Explorer accepts all fear that exists when looking at the unknown waters, and jumps in anyway. It knows that no matter what happens or what it finds, the result will be magical and so worth the journey. The Explorers only intention is heeding to the undying wonderment of what lies below the surface. It was born to be fully submerged in what it loves to be doing.

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