Learn your heart

If you had to drop everything and build a fire, what would you do? 


For most, the answer would be simple and consist of a few easy steps.  Find a secure location….  Gather kindling… Create a Spark… Nurture the flame by ensuring it has enough air and stability for the wood to catch fire… and finally, to sit back and enjoy the fire’s warmth and light.  

Well, when it comes to uncovering and honoring your light within, the same fire building steps lead you to your own illumination!   Working together will allow you to fully, and securely, build, spark, grow, and illuminate your life.   By joining hands, I will provide you with all you need to go through this process with ease and grace.    This is achieved through these phases:

Every human being on planet earth has a totally unique blueprint of energy, life patterns, circumstances, and activation.  When you discover and learn your own blueprint, the path to your light becomes totally clear, and simultaneously sets the stage for phase two; creating the spark.  

Your soul’s blueprint (Human Energy Field) is where all healing, life, and light is able to come forth in the world around you.  You will discover your dominate soul colors, life information, energetic flow within the body, and you will hear the wisdom of your own souls guidance…. allowing you to move forward with total confidence.  

With your blueprint in hand, we will move into the next phase of the journey; Creating the Spark.  During this phase, it is crucial to remember:

Without a spark, there is no fire… without a fire, there is no light… without light there is only darkness.”

With your blueprint and bearings, it is time to start creating the spark within!  This part of the journey is an immense awakening, filled with ‘ah-ha’ moments galore.  Through my private intuitive soul guidance sessions, and/or Advanced Energy Medicine Sessions, sparks will be placed in all the places they are needed.    

Through the above guidance, you will create new pathways in your heart with total ease, as well as, re-open existing pathways that may have been shut down or closed off due to energetic debris.   With each new pathway, comes an undeniable rush of light that you will feel deep within! 

As the light within continues to ignite, you will be flooded with more clarity, peace, open pathways, warmth, lightness, and passion.  You will feel what you have always been desiring, which will give you the drive to nurture, develop, and trust this new light.  Through this process, you will again feel totally in-tune with yourself and the greater world around! 

To nurture is to give compassion.  To give compassion is to love.  To love is to heal.  Completely.