Healing through Chakras

Healing through Chakras

January 6th, 2019 through February 17th, 2019


Another New Year is upon you, and you quickly find yourself putting together a work out plan and you start ridding your house of all junk food. You list out all your New Year Resolutions, to include:

“This year I commit to staying committed to my resolutions”

You swear this year will be your year, and you quickly set off. 💪 Things are great, you are sticking to the plan, but then the second or third week of the new year arrive. Holiday debt begins weighing you down… the cold, dark winter begins dampening your motivation… and before you know it; BAM! You are right back into your old routines and patterns. 🤦‍♀️

Sound familiar?!?!? We have all been there!

Well, what if I told you that this year can be different?? That this year actually will be your year to shine?? ☀️ That this will be the year you FINALLY break the cycle once and for all?!?! 💃🏼

You are probably asking, “How can this be?!?!” 🤷‍♀️

Soul Shakers, let me let you in on a little secret that has been missing from all your prior years resolutions: ENERGY! That’s right! For ANY transformation to take root in your life, it MUST begin with your energetic system. There is just no other way around it…

I am here to tell you that you can do all the things that you associate with “being healthy”, but if you don’t heal the energetic, you will still have:

motivation issues
digestive imbalances
toxic relationships
emotional overwhelm
fatigue and exhaustion

And this is why over 65% of people that set resolutions are never able to follow them through to fruition!! 😢

But guess what?!?! YOU now have the opportunity to be one of the people that succeeds by taking those resolutions and making them life long transformations by saying YES to join me for:


Illustration of the seven main chakras mandalas.

You, and other Soul Shakers just like you, will learn first hand the power of healing through the main energy of the chakras. During this (7) week live, online course, you will be introduced to a new chakra, healing techniques, accountability, and energetic support each week. You will walk away solid in:

⭐️ Knowing the chakra system and how these energies manifest into the physical body

⭐️ How to identify when your energetic system is out of balance, as well as, have the understanding on how to bring it back into harmony

⭐️ How to support your energetic system and integrate healing

There will be time at the end of each session for live Q&A, which only creates deeper healing for all that take part!! 🙏

HEALING THROUGH CHAKRAS begins next month, which leaves me with only one question for you….


Special pricing available NOW – REACH OUT HERE

Much Love,

Jaimie Marie

4 thoughts on “Healing through Chakras

  1. Kerrie Klitzing says:

    Jaimie I would love to do this. But what time will this be. I want to make sure I’m home from work. I have missed talking to you so much.

    • Jaimie Marie says:

      Gorgeous!!! The course is on Sunday evening’s from 6p – 7:00(ish) starting January 6th. If you cannot attend the course live, each week will be recorded, and attendees will be able to access videos for the duration of the course. This allows multiple viewings of each week as well. If you want to get enrolled, message me directly at: [email protected] (NOTE there are TWO i’s in my first name) 🙂

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