Evolve Anyway!

Calling all Mystics, Indigos, and Seekers of Truth…  

The time has officially come to gather together and become co-creators of a new world and way of being, in order to free our children and all future generations from endless cycles of abuse, addiction, mental health, and suicide.  This new day and age in which we co-create, leaves behind outdated hierarchies, titles, power struggles, mass production, and mass consumption.  It leaves behind disconnection, suppressing truth, hiding, abuse, and abandonment…   This new day and age are responsible for bringing back deep connection, intuition, mysticism, heart consciousness, equality, and surrender into truth… and it ends endless healing cycles for all mankind. 

No small feat, which is why our current world says this is impossible… it says that creating a new day and age is nothing more than a pipe dream full of naive thoughts and the abandonment of realism.  It tells you that to create a new world you must abandon peace for chaos, empowerment for entitlement, calm for fighting, listening for yelling, grace for kicking and screaming your way to be heard.  It tells you that a new world is not possible, and that you simply must find a way to exist within what is.  This could not be farther from the truth, which is why I stand in the fullness of all that I am and invite you to join me and Evolve Anyway. 

You see… our lives are like giant webs that are spun and connected upon our first breath.  We have weaved, connected, invited others to join us, as well as, intermingled with other webs around us based on our life experiences and destined path.   But somewhere along the line we have a moment(s) where we awaken to the truth in which we are, and desire to become co-creators with the Light of All (God/Universe).  In this moment of deep surrender and truth, we begin spinning a new web.  A web that supports our magic, supports our truth.  A web that is just as strong as it is beautiful. 

But here’s the thing most don’t realize… As you begin to spin your new web, you simultaneously rock everything that already was.  It is this rocking and shaking where ‘everything that was’ panics and does everything and anything possible to try and keep you exactly where you were, in the name of fear and self-protection.  Due to this panic and pressure, many choose to fall right back into their pre-existing webs causing a deep sadness and/or anger to take over.

To awaken and spin your masterpiece, it requires connection, courage and fragility…. And that connection, courage and fragility can only come through desire and the experiential knowing of awakening.    Which is why I say… people will try and tell you that creating a new day and age for all future generations is just a pipe dream full of naive thoughts and abandonment of realism;


Either way, there is no denying that awakening is all of our destinies, and that we are being ushered to use this awakening to create a new world for all future generations to come.        

So… Maybe you have had an awakening and are not sure what to do next…. Or maybe you feel something stirring deep down inside of you, but you are suppressing it out of fear…. Or maybe you are sooo ready to EVOLVE ANYWAY, but you desperately need a community of support to see you through…

No matter where you are at in the process, you are invited to join me and others JUST LIKE YOU, for my live in-person Manifesting Your Magic program.  This is a (6) Week program that will take you step by little step, through unleashing the old and to start weaving the new.  All the steps… all the support… all the community… and all the know how to step forward with total confidence and create a new world for your children, and their children, and their children to come. 

We are not meant to do this evolution alone, so MESSAGE ME HERE and join our Soul Shaker Family now!      

In Gratitude,

Jaimie Marie

Manifesting Your Magic begins July 22nd, 2019!

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