Delicious Parfaits

If I am not in my healing center, then you will most likely find me in my kitchen, developing new recipes.  For me, nothing beats throwing on some of my favorite music, pulling out nutrient dense foods, and letting my creativity flow in developing delicious outcomes. When a stellar creation is formed, it makes my belly so happy, that I have coined these creations, BELLY LOVE.  🙂   With some of the best creations also being the simplest, like this delicious parfait recipe.  Check it out!


  • 5% Fage Greek Yogurt
  • Favorite Berries; in this case Organic Blueberries
  • Raw Local Honey
  • Gluten Free Granola

Grab your favorite little mason jars, and layer all the ingredients until full.  I like to start with a uber creamy layer of yogurt, followed by honey, granola, and berries… then I repeat that until the jar is full.  I will make these in advance and stack in my fridge for easy grab during the week.  Everyone is different, however, I love how after it sits overnight that the granola gets softer… and the richness of this 5% yogurt, makes it so very decadent!

Oh, and pairing the belly love with some soul food, like Angel Cards, is a way to up the love vibration of any meal!!


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