My name is Jaimie Marie.  I’m a Lightworker, a soulful writer and Spiritual Teacher that creates content and experiences for people who ache to feel fully alive.  I guide individuals through a proven process of rediscovering their light, and then I teach them how to grow and trust that light within their reality.  As people learn to live an illuminated life, they experience the fullness of healing, which enables them to feel totally in tune with themselves and the greater world around.

I am often asked,

“How did you learn to do this for yourself and others?”

The answer is equal parts simple and equal parts complex.  Simply put, I was born of light with the natural ability to fully experience it within myself and others.  From the time I was born, I understood what the light is and how it is playing out in the world around.  This innate illumination was always present, working with me and through me.  Not only was I able to see and communicate with the energies around, but I was also able to feel the energy and emotions of people, animals, places, and things.  I just knew the flow of life without anyone having to explain it.  I was inquisitive, craved mystical knowledge, ferociously read books and wrote stories of great adventure. I loved meeting new people for no other reason than to sit and feel into their energy.  For me, that was the most magical way to learn someone; to feel into their energy.

As I stood in my light, feeling, seeing, hearing, and knowing the great big world around me, I also started to become acutely aware of how this innate openness brought forth others feelings of uncomfortableness, anxiousness, or even frustration or anger.  I could very literally feel the pain of these emotions in others, regardless if they actually had anything to do with me directly, which made me feel just as uncomfortable as they were.  As a child, unable to understand this innate wisdom as I do now; I took these not so good feelings on as my own.

Overtime, my mystical experiences and divine connection continued to grow stronger, but so did my frustration at my light for seemingly making me, and others, feel so lousy.  I wanted so badly to be understood and accepted, but the desire for an escape from feeling it all eventually won.  I began covering up my light and tried to deny it was even there in the first place.  As I did this, my judgements and fears grew stronger, and a sense of unworthiness rooted in.  I felt incapable of shining my light outward, for fear it would make the pain worse.  All that time, the hardest part was carrying anger towards myself for abandoning my innate illumination.  My once connected and joyful perception of what it means to be alive, started to shift towards feelings of disconnection and pain.

I was feeling the effects of hiding my light.

Even with all of this going on inside, I continued on, smiled, and lived what I coined as many “happy” years this way.  I graduated high-school at 18, tried my hand at college, decided it wasn’t for me, began a very successful career, bought a house, had a great car, was surrounded by amazing family and friends, met my soulmate, got married, and started a family all by the time I turned 30 years old.  According to the world’s standards, I had it made and was living the American dream.  But, no matter how hard I strived to continue this sense of being ‘happy’, all I felt was more and more disconnected inside.

One day after countless prayers begging to receive understanding for my life, my prayers were answered and the most amazing gift was dropped into my life (even if it at the time it didn’t feel like such a great gift).  You see, I was gifted the soul jolting experience of hitting, what I loving call, soul bottom.  Maybe you too have hit that place, or maybe you fear you are on the verge of hitting it… either way, trust me when I say, that although hitting this place is never an easy experience to have, there is nothing to fear and everything to love!  By hitting soul bottom you are able to open back up to the light.  That’s what happened to me…

Within days of my face plant on my soul’s rocky bottom, the dust finally began to fall off my light and the illumination stretched out in every direction.  I let go of the thoughts on how it needs to be, and embraced the love of how life really is.  I connected back to the light I was born standing in, and it felt absolutely amazing!  I upgraded the way I fueled my body through food and movement.  I began reading again (my all time favorite pastime)… writing again (my life’s purpose)… and connecting with The Maker (The Divine Light) again.  I was fully alive again (The purpose of life!).

As this period of renewal continued, I noticed how more and more individuals that needed to unlearn their journey and relearn their light, were brought to my doorstep.  So, I began guiding and teaching these individuals on the path back to themselves.  I also began teaching my light’s deep understandings on a worldwide level through my published written words.

This period in my life took me from the disconnected girl with all the things searching for purpose, to the woman who unlearned the world in order to once again stand in the radiance of her light.

As I continued to anchor my light, the outpouring of soul’s desiring my assistance in finding their light continued to grow.  In order to serve all in the fullest way possible, I enrolled in the School of Energy Medicine.

During my training, I studied extensively, and intensely, allowing my adult wisdom and maturity to create a framework of understanding of what exactly the light is, how it works, and how to lead individuals back when they feel lost.  I achieved a whole new level of mastery in my knowledge of the human energy field, the universal field, advanced energy medicine, intuitive development, energetic mapping, and expanded my relationship with The Maker.  The Light itself.  After graduating top of my class in 2014, I went on to open a full-service holistic health and wellness center, Soul Bottom Wellness, in the heart of downtown Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.  Here I have been able to teach my light’s wisdom born of my own journey, which in return has healed and freed many thousands of individuals to step back into theirs. (Individuals healed from physical disease/illness, emotional turmoil, and/or mental distress)

By being here today, you join these individuals (Soul Shakers as I loving call them) on the journey back into your light.   I promise that by continuing to follow your intuition that guided you here today, you will again feel alive, free, and joyous.  You will again feel totally in-tune with yourself and the world around.  I promise this is exaclty what happens when you are able to finally, and fully, stand in the illumination of your amazing light!

I welcome you with open arms….

Jaimie Marie

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