My name is Jaimie Marie, and I am Transformational Speaker & Healer on a mission to end all cycles of abuse, addiction, and disconnection that exist within our world.  I teach organizations and individuals the healing power of Human Energetics, and show them how to implement these insights and tactics so they can build a bridge of connection within themselves and the outer world around.  This bridge of connection heals individuals on all levels for generations to come.

I am often asked,

“How did you learn to do this for yourself and others?”

The answer is equal parts simple and equal parts complex. 

Simply put, I was born into this world with a precocious ability to know, hear, see, and feel subtle energy fields.  This unique way of being enabled me to see the world very differently, and this clarity brought with it total ease in understanding and articulating The Maker’s (God) vision and wisdom, the truth of creation, and the importance of our role within it.  

What took a long time to understand was… Why Me? 

That’s the complex part. 

Everything was beautifully seen, felt, and connected, yet I felt like a victim of my reality.  I felt the emotions of others so deeply, I often mistook them for my own.  I felt different and a lot of the time, like I was losing my mind.  I became so afraid of standing out, that I fought to blend in… which never worked, so I would fight harder and harder and… you get the drift. 

I had no idea that living this way was such an injustice to my Soul.  In my 20’s I started experiencing chronic migraines, pain, and fatigue… but I pushed on.  I kept at my career, bought a house, met the love of my life, and started a family.  All was well, until the ripe age of 33, when all of my resistance made me hit bottom.  Soul Bottom, as I now lovingly call it.  

I had to learn to get quiet and go within.  I had to learn how to give myself validation and permission on the most vulnerable, real levels imaginable.  I had to learn to believe in myself. 

I was different than most, yes, but that wasn’t my Scarlett Letter… that was my answer to ‘Why Me?

With this integration and connection restored, I began taking courses in the Intuitive Arts.  The more I took, the more my Soul came alive.  In December 2013, I enrolled in the ‘School of Energy Medicine’, and later graduated top of my class as a Certified Advanced Energy Medicine Practitioner.  I immediately opened a full-service holistic health and wellness center, where for the past 5 years, I have guided and facilitate sessions for thousands of individuals… witnessing what can only be described as miraculous healing on all levels; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 

It is now my greatest honor imaginable, to bring this wisdom forward to create a ripple of light for the world to feel.  

All of the programs, teachings, coaching, and events you will find here, were created from my story, and are a pathway to freedom for all that choose to except the invitation back to the light in which we all are;  Love. 


Welcome to the Family, Soul Shaker!

~ Jaimie Marie


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