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Hey, Soul Shaker!

Want to know a secret that's guaranteed to   change your life??


Every little thing we do is magic...


... even the hard stuff.

When it comes to living a life of profound purpose and meaning; you will discover all experiences, good or bad, are vital ingredients needed to alchemize a life of magic. 

And a life of magic is what you were created for and designed to experience. 

My name is Jaimie, and I will show you how... 

... to embody an elevated state of consciousness, so you can make empowered choices, renew your relationships, nourish your identify, harmonize your home... and last, but definitely not least, live a life of inspired service

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Stop Struggling. Start Living.


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Friends & Favorites

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(coming soon!)


Don't believe me?
Ask them.


Jaimie is a real, live human being - authentic, raw, honest and hilarious - with incredible intuitive gifts.  Watching her own her magic and shine so brightly in her non-traditional field inspires me to bravely own mine, and that just may be the best part of working with her.

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