You may not know this, but we were all born of, and with, the same light.  This light is like a fire that will continue to grow and thrive, or a fire that will slowly dwindle to embers.

When you are living in the warmth of your light, is when you experience peace in relationships, joy for all that is brought to your door, and an overall sense of fulfillment on your life’s path.  Your light allows you to be totally in tune with yourself, as well as, the greater world around… reminding you that you are safe to venture out, supported in your decisions, and have clarity on direction.  When your light has been dimmed to nothing more than embers, is when life feels painful and chaotic, and when you begin to question yourself, your decisions, and your purpose for being here.

Your light is truly the magic of life and is what you will find here.

Through my promise of guiding you back to your light, you will begin to unlearn the things you have been taught on “how it needs to be”, in order that you can truly learn the way things really are.

Together, we will create a spark of love that will grow your light.  The warmth and connection you experience grows trust with this magical light within, and allows you to finally, and fully, move forward on your already beautifully designed path.



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